Why should a country change the culture of their governance to help more than its people? Listen to the latest episode of a Chat Over A Cuppa with Author Simon Anholt and Dilhan C. Fernando – 30 Mins

Join Author of The Good Country Equation and Founder of the Good Country Index, Simon Anholt, and Tea Grower & Dilmah CEO, Dilhan C. Fernando in conversation about culture, the priority of education, government systems, social engineering, microscopic view VS telescopic view, and collaboration over competition for the sake of humanity. Listen to this powerful, thought-provoking podcast here.

“You’re responsible for your own premises and your own territory… and for every inch of the earth’s surface and the atmosphere above it, and the soil beneath it – whether you like it or not. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be in a position of power or authority because that is the rule of life on Earth today. The sooner people begin to understand that, the sooner we’ll get the right people aspiring to positions of power and responsibility.” – Simon Anholt