In March last year, an accomplished and empathetic photographer, Yuriko Nakao visited Sri Lanka and the Merrill J. Fernando Foundation’s Western Centre on the outskirts of Colombo. Making pictures at the MJF center, Dilmah’s charity foundation, Yuriko described as being the most “difficult” photo opportunity she has experienced so far. She could not stop herself from crying while making photographs. “Being in a field of unconditional love was simply overwhelming”. Furthermore, she had experienced a feeling of complete bliss since it was an opportunity she had always longed for – which was to photograph human service activities that may also allow herself to serve through photography in assisting people’s lives for a brighter future.

These images were made a few weeks before the people of Sri Lanka came under attack in the Easter Sunday atrocities, and a year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. I am honoured to present some of Yuriko’s images; they were made purely with the intention of documenting a philosophy of sustainable business, and framed within Yuriko’s personal commitment to serving humanity. They express Yuriko’s talent as a photographer and the beauty of her perspective on life.

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