On 28th April, 2024 we curated the renaissance of Ceylon Cinnamon. Like the very first renaissance in the 12th Century, this one is sparked by a different perspective. Elevating the launch of Dilmah Finest Ceylon Cinnamon to the significance of a renaissance needs good reason; those reasons – framed in the values of a family of artisans of taste and goodness – lie in the aroma, flavour and wellness in Ceylon Cinnamon. The renaissance is in our perception of the value of the spice and its formidable provenance; not as the commodity it has become, but as a luxurious indulgence, possessing extraordinary allure for the senses, powerful human health benefit and provenance unmatched.

That abundance of sensory indulgence and wellness should be adequate to justify the renaissance of a spice with a recorded history of over 3,000 years, although the one further reason is the potency that the natural, indulgent, luxury of Ceylon Cinnamon holds in transforming the lives of people who are the critical context of the spice of kings. There’s even one more, for those people, their families and community form the vanguard of humanity against the advancing climate crisis.

The launch of Dilmah Ceylon Cinnamon Company plc., and its Dilmah Finest Ceylon Cinnamon is a fresh perspective on an ancient spice, shedding the shackles imposed on a magnificent, uniquely Sri Lankan spice by colonial rule. Closely paralleled by the example of Ceylon Tea, the suppression of value in Ceylon Tea is expressed in the lives of the people and nature who are so intricately connected to its appeal.

Ceylon Cinnamon was celebrated in music, gastronomy, mixology, science, visual art and history. The spectacular sight of morning mist over Kahawatte Cinnamon Gardens, dispersing as the sun rose to reveal dew encrusted leaves and branches of Cinnamon, was complemented by the Cinnamon inspired music of Maestro Ravibandu Vidyapathi and jazz artiste Q. Cinnamon infused mixology was elegantly paired with Cinnamon infused gastronomy, presenting a sensory journey that spanned millennia, from the time King Solomon’s emissaries traded in Ceylon Cinnamon, through the appreciation of the spice by Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the arrival of the Portugues, Dutch and eventual demise of the trade in Cinnamon, until its rebirth.

The launch of Dilmah Finest Ceylon Cinnamon featured a Ceylon Cinnamon infused menu degustation curated by Chef Ruki.

Dignified by the presence of our Head of State, President Ranil Wickremesinghe, and President of WorldChefs, Thomas Gugler, the experience of Ceylon Cinnamon was presented to dignitaries that included scientists, diplomats, business persons and chefs. The extension of Dilmah Founder, Merrill J. Fernando’s dream of offering Ceylon’s Finest Tea with Taste, Goodness and ethical Purpose to the world, to now include Cinnamon, is done with the blessing of the iconic Teamaker.

Before my father passed away in July 2023, he blessed the suggestion of Dilmah branded Cinnamon, as the evolution of our family company’s involvement in Cinnamon since the 2001 acquisition of Kahawatte Plantations. Dilmah Ceylon Cinnamon Company strengthens the legacy that the legendary Teamaker leaves, as a social enterprise with the same commitment as Dilmah Ceylon Tea Company, to using its profits for the benefit of less fortunate people, especially developmentally challenged children and youth, women and communities in the areas of education, healthcare, nutrition and entrepreneurship development.

It was a spectacular evening, so befitting the rebirth of a spice as magnificent as Ceylon Cinnamon. My only regret is that my father was not there to see his promise of Quality and Kindness extended.

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