There’s more ways than one to make your cuppa tea

by Dilhan

Tea has enjoyed universal appeal not just for its taste. The theatre of selecting your own porcelain, china or glass ‘teaware’, brewing your tea the right way, and then serving with the appropriate additions, is compelling in our 21st Century world where tea is as much a healthy beverage as a reason to escape the stress of the world. Whilst some might dismiss this as a phenomenon of yesteryear, the ‘intangible’ benefit that tea offers is as prevalent today as it was in the 1940s. Then tea comforted soldiers at war, offered comfort and companionship to their wives and family back home. Today tea plays a less obvious role, but for those who enjoy tea, its pleasures are unmatched and its experience ‘customizable’ across generations.

To illustrate, I share with you an advertisement which we filmed many years ago, but never ran properly. It offers a guide to brewing the perfect cuppa – in two different ways ..


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