History of Ceylon Tea

by Dilhan

There is something more magical about Ceylon Tea than the taste .. that is its history, which is rooted in its truamatic colonial history but blossomed into an agricultural endeavour characterised by artisrty, dedication, and eventually embraced a large part of our economy with influence in the spheres of politics, society and economy.

We have been working hard for the past 5 years to collect aspects of that heritage and share it with people around the world whose lose for tea exceeds taste alone. Please visit History of Ceylon Tea, an industry service project we at Dilmah embarked upon 5 years ago. It is the most complete online resource on Ceylon Tea with nearly 100,000 pages of history from the 1800s which was previously not available to the public.

We hope you will enjoy the fruits of our work. More importantly, this site depends upon your interaction for its success. Please feel free to share your tea musings on our forum, or if you have some involvement with Ceylon, land of tea, please share your thoughts or contribute to our collection of historical mat

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