Fresh fruit .. naturally fair, naturally delicious

by Dilhan

Uda Walawe Fruit seller Jan07One of the most beautiful fruit shop in the world – a stone’s throw from Uda Walawe National Park – where the fruit, spice and vegetables are ripened or matured on the tree, bush or root, usually in a plot owned by the fruit and vegetable seller herself, and where taste and flavours are authentic and untainted by the genetic modification.

The Dilmah perspective on Fairness in Trade is based on exactly this model – the grower, bringing his or her product to market, direct. In this case the lady who owns and operates this little wayside shop, genuinely cares for her customer, the quality of her produce, and benefits 100% from her family’s toil. Moreover, her customers enjoy delicious fruit, genuinely cared for, and genuinely fair – all the way from the tree to the customer.

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