In the name of tea …

by Dilhan

We can only watch with amusement the proliferation of tea ‘inspired’ cosmetics, beverages and foods. But this has to take the cake. IFF is a respected company, but their reference to ‘authenticity’, the ’emotion’ that people have in their affinity to tea and the ‘all natural halo’ of tea whilst at the same time announcing their tea flavours, goes from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The reason becomes clear as their spokesperson continues to explain that their new ‘specialisation’ in tea offers an opportunity to develop their product portfolio.

The long and short of it remains that tea is full of natural goodness – but that goodness cannot be acquired by cosmetics or other products which simple add tea flavour or use tea as an ingredient. That is simply the exploitation of the positive image of tea amongst consumers. More effective, much less expensive and certainly more authentic would be to use good tea, and harness the protective effects of tea directly, minus all the additives that various brands try to bundle in.

Tea is a natural and wonderfully beneficial herb. For best enjoyment though, please keep it simple – no flavours, no pretension – just good, fresh tea!

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