Truly appreciating tea …

by Dilhan

Watte, Single Estate TeaWatte, our Single Region and Single Estate Teas beautifully present the reasons for enjoying tea ‘in three senses’. For those who did not read my earlier post on this, they are the appreciation of tea ‘on the eye’, ‘on the nose’ and only then ‘on the palate’.

Most people would enjoy a good cuppa for its taste, but truly exceptional tea like Watte deserves a little more. This image should go some way towards showing the link between elevation, leaf style and liquor. Much depends on your computer monitor here but the Ran Watte to the right, is grown at around 6,000 feet elevation. The cool climate, with light afternoon showers associated with the elevation, produces light and fragrant tea, which is gentle and yet has distinct personality. The Yata Watte at the left reflect the long periods of sunshine and the warm and relatively dry climate in a dark and mahogany brown liquor and deep, rich infused leaf.

Extending the enjoyment of tea requires brushing up on your knowledge of tea; style without the substance is not of much value. Drop us a note if you would like help in setting up your own profesional tea tasting at home, to appreciate tea the way teamakers do. Enjoy.

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