Tea in the first sense

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The Enchanting LeafThe beauty of the leaf evolves to take on a different appeal when infused. The spectrum of colour in the dry leaf, assumes a different plane, with more compelling and different hues, textures and aroma in the infused leaf. This image of a Sencha Green Tea (steamed Japanese green tea), a real White Tea (Ceylon Silver Tips) and a Tippy Ceylon Flowery fannings offers a glimpse of the differences. The jade green Sencha, the pale yellow and golden Silver Tips, and the coppery Flowery Fannings are but a hint of the true variety in tea for a thousand more forms, colours, textures, aromas and tastes exist, changing with the weather, the art and expertise of the teamaker, the soils and sunshine.


Dilhan is the younger son of Dilmah Tea Founder Merrill J. Fernando. Together with brother Malik, Dilhan has taken on the passionate commitment of his father, for tea, ethics in business and the concept of business as a matter of human service.