Peace or the postponement of conflict

Next month, the beautiful South American nation of Colombia has the prospect of peace for the first time in over half a century. Why this topic appears here on a Teamakers’ blog is that Dilmah Founder, Merrill J. Fernando was invited to join a panel at the Foro Futuro Colombia in Cartagena. It was an… Continue reading

Tea Indulgence, the past, present and future

Over a breakfast of pancakes with roasted banana, maple syrup and crispy bacon beautifully paired with Dilmah Craighead Estate Seasonal Flush 2013, I read the comments of Michelin starred Chef Alexis Gauthier, on pairing. “In the past we’d have looked for a sauvignon blanc. But it’s difficult to find something that doesn’t kill [the flavours]…. Continue reading

Distinctively tea

Tea and conspiracy have made strange but regular bedfellows, from the Opium Wars and the tea fuelled socialist revolutions to the Tea Tape Scandal in New Zealand last month. There is a tea conspiracy brewing though that is perhaps more sinister than ever before.

On business and biodiversity: a view from Nagoya

At the Convention for Biological Diversity’s Conference of the Parties 10 that is ongoing in Nagoya, Japan, opinions are divided on whether business has a role to play in biodiversity. Strange though that may sound, at the same Conference some businesses are justifying that opinion by their actions. Major pharmaceutical companies in several Western nations… Continue reading